Action Attraction: Acting on your Belief


Action Attraction

 If you're feeling stuck, action attraction may be the answer . . .

Action Attraction really means get moving if you feel in a rut. Shake things up. The saying "actions speak louder than words" means that people's intentions can be judged better by what they do than what they say. I think this idiom is a useful piece of advice for those who wish to use the law of attraction. It is with the understanding that the intention, not the words, create the attraction. Taking action with the intention of realizing the goal, and acting "as if" the actions taken will pay-off, invests energy into the intention and boosts your vibration. Taking action is an important piece to the manifestation, and one that, sometimes, is under-appreciated.

To not act could be to not enact a powerful vibration, in addition to, not improving your conditions and thus viability to experience the manifestation. Another way of expressing this sentiment is to say taking action can offer the Universe a bigger and more magnetized target. And, of course, taking action is sometimes an absolute necessity. Waiting for something to fall in your lap leaves a tiny target with little attraction.

Get up off the couch (or meditation pillow). Be the change you wish to see. Like Ali, act as if you already have the belt.   Take action like your dream is inevitable. Keep it fun and playful. All you need to do is passionately follow through. Fully engage your physical part in this co-creation and walk the path with excitement and confidence. Feel the joy of taking action. The wind of Source energy is at your back.  Reap the rewards of the journey itself. When your thoughts and feeling are right, you get inspired to take action. Action attraction; taking action helps Law of Attraction. Act on your belief.Action helps the Law of Attraction: Action Attraction.


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