The Inner Work and Preparation

With the law of attraction, too often, physical action is de-emphasized or even dismissed. That is a misinterpretation due to the marketing around Law of Attraction. Movement and supportive action make it easier to keep a positive focus and build momentum. Inner work is mandatory. A smart, inspired action plan speeds up results. Too much inaction gives doubt a chance to sabotage results. Taking inspired action can be enjoyable. It keeps you occupied on positive things. Call it passion.

It would be wise to use what strategies research has proven to be efficient and at the same time have faith in the law of attraction. You see, science is not everything. Science works within the boundaries of a perceivable cause and an observable effect. That is perfectly fine for the most part. However, sometimes the true cause of a visible effect originated beyond what we can currently observe. That is where the law of attraction may come into play. So, have faith in the law of attraction for that is its strength. Use evidence-based strategies when appropriate. And even when things are going great – DON’T STOP the inner work! Time is our most valuable commodity so don’t wait for things to be perfect. Make them perfect through inspired action.

Proper inner work includes grounding yourself (creates a sense of belonging and contribution), getting your thoughts right around your set intention (that’s the magic).  Outer work is taking action in the right direction (movement and momentum go hand in hand). Inspired action is a catalyst. When your thoughts are right, you will look forward to taking action that supports attracting your desire. Detaching from the outcome while staying present in the supportive actions of achieving your goal keeps the flow going. Developing a positive, upbeat outlook and envisioning success, regardless of circumstance, strengthens your ability to create the things you want in life. It’s perfectly reasonable to maintain a positive outlook while accepting things aren’t always going to go our way. That is not the same as assuming bad things will happen. That is understanding there may be the odd bump in the road but we can handle it if it happens. That way you remain confident if something “negative” occurs. With that said, envision a smooth a path.

DO NOT FEAR FAILURE AND DO NOT BLOCK OUT NEGATIVITY. Learning from failure is a huge part of success. Failure often provides glaring reasons, which is fantastic. Examining the negative things in life have value precisely because bad things do happen, and assuming they won’t is a recipe for disaster. We certainly would rather have our skydiving instructor be realistic and pack an extra chute on the basis that something could go wrong. But accepting the possibility of a failed parachute is not the same as assuming it will – and this is a big difference. Properly preparing for failure helps you relax and then you can let it go and get back to focusing on success.


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