Bashar talks about Nicola Tesla (a little trippy)


B = Bashar (said to be a channelled alien entity)
Q = Audience Member who is asking a question
Questioner: Could you tell us a little bit about Nikola Tesla and who he was?
Bashar: He was Nikola Tesla.  

Laughter from audience

And that individual simply recognized the connection of the idea of the primal energy vibrations that were inherent in your electromagnetic fields upon your planet. He understood that they could always be channeled and transformed into whatever type of energy was necessary for whatever your imagination so conceived.

Q: I recently watched a movie about his life and they put forth the idea that he had developed a system whereby energy would be free…
B: Yes.

Q: … to everyone.
B: Yes.

Q: And you would merely need to put up an antennae.
B: Yes.

Q: So, is that available to us?
B: Of course.

Q: Okay.
B: Do you wish to build it?

Q: It sounds exciting.
B: Then go ahead. Rely upon the seven and one half cycles per second Earth frequency; and recognize as that individual recognized, that a transmission tower that would vibrate at that frequency would create a wavelength that is radiating outwards from that tower in circular fashion, exactly, coincidentally, the same as the diameter of your planet. Therefore it would reach the equator, go to the other pole of the planet, bounce back and create a set of vibrational harmonic resonances with the entire planet, that would activate, crystallize and energize your entire electromagnetic field. Allowing you always, through any conductive material inserted within the ground, to be able to draw upon that energy. It is like turning your entire planet into a generator.

Q: A very interesting idea. Could you suggest where I might find reading material please?
B: You will find it.

Q: Okay. And how tall are we talking about the tower being?
B: You will find out. Again draw from the wealth of information around you and trust your own synchronicity. Also, do not forget that at this time, that particular consciousness is also taping into those who are taping into him, and will assist.

Q: Did he reincarnate again?
B: Not really.

Q: Could you explain the seven and one half cycles again?
B: Simply you will find that the circumference of a planet divided into what you call the speed of light, will give the cycles per second in the frequency of the world. For it simply is the equational relationship to why the idea of any given material body exhibits the frequency that it does. Because you create the idea of the speed of light to be the representation of the primal energy pulse within your third density vibration. In other words, what you call one hundred and eighty-six thousand, three hundred miles per second, divided by the twenty-five thousand miles circumference, will give you seven and one half. Seven and one half cycles per second.

Q: I see.
B: All right.

Q2: So, could we construct the tower on the moon in the same way and get all the energy we need by its frequency?
B: If you are on the moon.

Q: Well, you know they’re always talking about how difficult it would be to set up a life-station on the moon and…
B: We understand what you are saying.

Q: Sure.
B: Yes, it is a good idea, in your terms. You can also, in your terms, convert the energy, and beam it to your planet. You can utilize your moon as a generating station.

Q: Well, if we could have this idea on Earth, why would we need to do that?
B: In this way you may find, that because of the systems you have set up upon your Earth now, the system we are now discussing would probably disrupt them. Therefore, if you were to set it up upon your moon, you could convert it at your own leisure away from all the systems you now have upon Earth, and simply convert it, and beam it to where you wish to. Without burning out the systems you have.

Q: Sure. Okay, thanks.
B: Thank you!

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  1. I am from India.

    23 years old. I want to become a life coach and earn living learning and spreading knowledge about such stuff

    how do I go about it

    1. What kind of coaching are you interested in? Is there a particular avenue you would like to purse. Mine, currently, is wide ope in the sense that I believe I can take an energetic approach, combined with some empirical based methodology, to address just about any issue.

      If you have an idea, I may be able to point you in the right direction.

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