Beware of the Roving Eye

Ladies and gentlemen who are in relationships, pay attention to any uptick in your partner’s (and your own) attention to the opposite sex. A roving eye is the best indicator of a break up according to studies. It wasn’t how much love they felt, or level of satisfaction in the relationship, or how long they wanted the relationship to last. “I know I’m on diet but I can look at the menu” attitude is trouble. They have already made up their mind they desire something else.

(And taken literally, can there be a dumber way to stay on a diet? Yeah, I’m going to stare at delicious food.)

Sexy ads only work when the item is used for sexually related purposes (form-fitting clothing, jeans, alcohol, makeup etc) and it only works on viewers who were looking for a partner. Current sexual goals determine how much attention are given to the hotties around you and in the media.

All backed by research.

What do you think?

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