Meditation to Relax and Clear your Mind

Use Headphones if you got them.

Breathing Meditation
Meditation Law of Attraction
Maha Sri Yantra

It’s good to clear the mental-emotional palate before visualizing your desire. Or may simply want to recharge your batteries.

I. breath with the gif to relax and clear your mind. Then visualize your desire for as long as you like. Try not to think of anything but if you do just acknowledge the thought and let it pass through. You can press play, and the music will help you relax. It plays for eight minutes. You can restart it if you wish to time yourself.

Use the moving image as a guide if you like, however, you may be fine to simply breathe without guidance. Notice how you feel at the pause between inhaling and exhaling. Put your focus on that brief pause. What does that space between inhaling and exhaling feel like? Soon, you will start to feel a detached peace.

Then I want you to be aware of your senses – just feel like you are thoughtless awareness. You may feel sensations or hear things you may not have ordinarily heard.

Then I want you to observe your “awareness” as though another part of you can observe you being “aware.” You can continue with that for eight minutes. Eight minutes twice a day will help you reconnect with your spiritual intelligence and recharge your batteries.

You can also visualize what you want to manifest after a few moments of the breath exercise. Sit or stand up straight, straighten your back, and breathe comfortably from your diaphragm. This lets your brain know that you’re confident and in control. Your brain will adjust your biology to reflect this.




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