Soul Mates: Powerful LOA Strategy

How the power of the law of attraction with self exploration can attract a soul mate. Continue Reading
how law of attraction works

How the Law of Attractions Works Part 1

This may be the best blog entry on how to do the law of attraction you have ever read. How to Get in and Stay in Alignment I  am not going to blog about action plans here. I am just going to write about energy and how the law of… Continue Reading
the science of getting rich

The Science of Getting Rich !!

“Big Money” implies rare, hard to get, finances. It is in the word “big” that resistance is created. This needs to be softened. “Easy Money” feels better; money that provides an easy and flowing lifestyle. Continue Reading

Law of Attraction Outlook – Down and Out?

Law of Attraction Outlook   Your outlook on life affects how the law of attraction works in your life. Call it your “law of attraction perspective or outlook.” Improving your law of attraction outlook improves your outcome. The Universe only responds. It does not judge. Being broke is temporary. Being poor sounds… Continue Reading
law of attraction basics

Law of Attraction Basics

Law of Attraction Basics As you are choosing your thoughts, your emotions are guiding you. Is what you are thinking congruent with your inner self? Are you thinking about what you lack or are you thinking about what you are wish to gain? Your inner self guides you towards growth. And,… Continue Reading

Self Reliance: It’s Okay to Figure it out for Yourself

Self Reliance Self-reliance and coaching go hand in hand because the ultimate goal of coaching is to get the client to a place where they can do more for themselves. We, far too often, look outside ourselves for answers. Learning some process or philosophy is fine. Benefiting from the experience… Continue Reading

Relive to Live: Questions to Activate Memories for an Easy and Profound Shift.

Do you remember your first kiss? Hmmm……. A closed-ended question may not suffice. I am not looking for  a “yes” or “no” here. Let’s try this: Remember your first kiss. Access that memory now! Immerse yourself in that feeling. Nope – Kinda bossy. Okay, let’s try this: What did your… Continue Reading
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