How the Law of Attractions Works Part 1

This may be the best blog entry on how to do the law of attraction you have ever read. How to Get in and Stay in Alignment I  am not going to blog about action plans here. I am just going to write about energy and how the law of… Continue Reading
Inner Work

The Inner Work and Preparation

With the law of attraction, too often, physical action is de-emphasized or even dismissed. That is a misinterpretation due to the marketing around Law of Attraction. Movement and supportive action make it easier to keep a positive focus and build momentum. Inner work is mandatory. A smart, inspired action plan… Continue Reading
law of attraction weight loss

The Body You Desire; Negative Thoughts + Positive Thoughts = Success

This works, period. I know it does. And, it is fun. Learn to be at peace with what you see so that what you see can change. That is not a contradiction. It is about acceptance and happily letting go so that you can refocus and be excited about where you are going, instead of being distracted by negative judgements or waiting until the desired result comes in before you can feel good. Continue Reading
Law of attraction

Cognitive Dissonance and The Law of Attraction

Cognitive dissonance, confirmation bias and the law of attraction, how does one deal with reality but also maintain their positive outlook? Cognitive dissonance is when you are confronted with new information that threatens a currently held belief. Confirmation bias is when you only see things that confirm what you believe… Continue Reading

Law of Attraction Outlook – Down and Out?

Law of Attraction Outlook   Your outlook on life affects how the law of attraction works in your life. Call it your “law of attraction perspective or outlook.” Improving your law of attraction outlook improves your outcome. The Universe only responds. It does not judge. Being broke is temporary. Being poor sounds… Continue Reading
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