Dear Reader,   To recognize the good, give thanks. Gratitude, another word for giving thanks, is known as an “other-praising” emotion. Unlike joy, happiness, or other positive emotions, gratitude is always a function of being in relationship with something else. There’s you, and then there’s the person, place, or thing…

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the science of getting rich

The Science of Getting Rich !!

“Big Money” implies rare, hard to get, finances. It is in the word “big” that resistance is created. This needs to be softened. “Easy Money” feels better; money that provides an easy and flowing lifestyle.

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Law of Attraction Outlook – Down and Out?

Law of Attraction Outlook   Your outlook on life affects how the law of attraction works in your life. Call it your “law of attraction perspective or outlook.” Improving your law of attraction outlook improves your outcome. The Universe only responds. It does not judge. Being broke is temporary. Being poor sounds…

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