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The reality is the most significant “bad habit” we have is our thinking.

The practice of mindfulness helps slow you down and creates space between yourself and the cravings (desires) and urges (feelings) that can take command of our attention and decision making. Mindfulness helps you realign power back where it belongs.

The snap judgment of whether something is good or bad, right or wrong, smart or stupid, fair or unfair, truth or BS all happens faster than the blink of an eye. And that leads to the unhelpful behavioral habits. You will learn to become aware of this, and over time the actual craving or urge becomes a trigger you to make a suitable and healthier choice.

“Cognitive flexibility” is correlated with well-being. Cutting people off while they’re talking, stress eating, stewing, feeling sorry for yourself, blaming others all the time, and, other and more intense and destructive behaviors that you may reflexively engage in are preventing you from being flexible. These unhelpful behaviors become addicting. You are acting like a robot programmed to bad behavior, at times. The key to unlocking flexibility is to practice noticing the urges that lead to those actions. Your awareness starts to be more automatic. Your perception of your choices grow, and so you expand your “cognitive flexibility.”


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