Dear Reader,


To recognize the good, give thanks.

Gratitude, another word for giving thanks, is known as an “other-praising” emotion. Unlike joy, happiness, or other positive emotions, gratitude is always a function of being in relationship with something else. There’s you, and then there’s the person, place, or thing that you are grateful for. That’s why it’s known as “other-praising.” Giving thanks draws you out of yourself and into an appreciative connection.

Appreciation does not mean that all is pretty and perfect. Gratitude does not imply that life is sugar and spice and everything nice. Giving thanks is not about having the perfect situation—meaning that, when the stars align and you get what you want, then and only then will you be grateful. No. Absolutely not. Rather, giving thanks is about what’s going on inside your own head and heart, as you decide what to focus on.When you appreciate your life right now, in this very moment, in this very circumstance—no matter how grand or grief-stricken—you are transforming yourself.

May this time of harvest and thanksgiving be a way of choosing to see the good.

In deep appreciation of you,

Robert J Barnes

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