Accessing Your Intuition

Intuition is about paying attention. You need to “wake up” to be truly intuitive.

What in your life is uncomfortable, unsatisfactory, or not working out? Is your life currently not what you hoped it would be?

If you have this feeling, then, your inner voice is trying to get your attention. It is inviting you to go inward and realign with your own truth. You have a personal truth that is independent of what the outside world tells you it should be. There is no “should.” There simply is a truth, and, it’s yours. It does not matter what others are doing or chasing or bragging about or being. You have your own journey. There are some important themes you are meant to experience for the growth of your soul. It is part of your mission. It is part of your purpose. And, you are starting to wake up to your purpose. You are starting to tune into your authentic self.

However, first things first. You need to wake up by remembering who you are and the first clues are found by looking at what is triggering you to feel out of sorts at times. What is your sense of deep honesty, security, integrity, and your own authenticity? Honesty is key. Very important: What feelings are you avoiding or distancing from?


Root chakra: Do you feel good about your foundation? Are you grounded? Do you feel secure in your finances? Feel it rather than think it. Now let it go. You just want to notice it. Maybe everything is fine there. We are touch base with these energies.

Second chakra: This is your emotional body. Do you feel in touch with creativity? How are your relationships? How do you feel about your friendships? Do they reflect who you truly feel you are? Are they superficial? Combative? Just notice how you feel.

Third chakra: Your power center; this does refer to power over others. How powerful do you feel in your own life? Do you feel effective? Bring your attention to your boundaries. Are they strong? Do you feel respected? Are you bullied or do you bully others? Wake up to how you feel about these things. Don’t wallow in it if it is unsatisfactory. That’s not the point. Do not analyze it. Relax and simply notice how you feel about these things. We are moving a bit from your intellectual mind and into your emotional information pathways. Feel first and articulate later.

Heart chakra: Do you feel like an open-hearted person? Or, are you guarded and suspicious of others? Notice if you are aloof. Defensive? Open or closed? If your heart is not open then you are not open to your own intuition or the gifts of the world.

Throat chakra (your voice): The voice of your true self. How do you feel… really? Are you comfortable expressing your authentic self and your authentic ideas and feelings about things? What about your desires and needs? Or do you shut down? Do you lie about these things? Do you silence yourself? Or, are you just not in the habit of talking about things in a deeply authentic manner?

Sixth chakra or “Third Eye”: The center of your imagination; Do you fill your find with your authentic hopes and desires or do you fill it with drama and fear? Do you realize good things are possible and can you imagine good things happening to you? Notice how you feel about it.

7th chakra or the ”Crown Chakra: Access to your higher self. How tuned in to your divine nature are you? Do you invite it in? Are you connected to it?

Ask: “What is higher self trying to communicate with me right now?” Reflect on this for the next few days (and it is a good idea to check regularly). Go through the chakras first and then ask the broader question above. That will help make things clearer. You want to connect to your true self, not the false self you may want others to believe. Perhaps you could write it down and journal your check-ins. This is how you start to get in touch with your intuition.



What do you think?

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