Law of Attraction plus System Based Approach

Law of Attraction plus System Approach

I benched 405 on my 40th birthday. I had never done it before. But that was my goal for 40 when I turned 39. Although, when in shape in my late 20s and early 30s I’m sure I could have. I didn’t care about one or two reps back then. After determining where my bench had to be at certain points in time along the way to be able to hit 400 on time, I devised a system that used the law of attraction and daily activities. My system, basically, was eating the right nutrition and getting 7 – 8 hours sleep every day.  I had to go to the gym 5 days a week and do some kind of exercise every day off like maybe a hike or a long walk or even skip rope.  My habits were mindful meditation, specific visualizations, getting amino acids every two-three hours, and prepping my food for the next day. As long as I followed that system, I could have a snickers bar the next day. I was 90% successful to that goal. I wasn’t worried about the snickers bar as long as I had my daily nutrition. I wasn’t going for a swimsuit photo shoot. I occasionally went out for beer, but I was never drunk or hung over.  I followed a bench press program. Before I went to bed, I saw myself lifting 405 lbs. In the morning, I saw myself lifting the next benchmark. I even told myself, “350 is my next total, and 405 is my ultimate goal.” And well before I was able to bench it, I took 405 off the rack and with assistance from a spotter I would slowly move the bar down to my chest. I wanted my body to feel 405 pounds.

I quickly got to 315lbs X 6 and a 350 max from 275 X2.  (I’m 5’8.5.”) That’s where I should be when regularly working out but not trying to do anything special. I felt happy with 350. When I hit 350, I went out for some fun that evening. I can’t imagine holding off all satisfaction until I benched 405.

Unfortunately, five months in I hurt my back so bad it took me 30 minutes to get out of bed. I have had on and off back issues for a while. I spent the first two days mostly in bed. I focused on what was in front of me. My bench was 365 with seven months to go, but now I can’t train. I imagined getting the right solution to the obstacle. I believe when you are aligned with source, ‘obstacles’ are an opportunity to get better.  I saw a chiropractor, and there was some relief – but not always. I saw a doctor, and he gave me pain pills and told me to walk.

By “fluke” I came across MBT shoes. I was in a shoe store because the person I was walking with wanted to buy some shoes for her son. I never go to these places. I just go to Walmart or pick-up online from Amazon.  I was killing time looking at these weird looking round bottom shoes when the clerk approached me. The shoes were MBTs, and they were half-price which made them $140.  (I wouldn’t spend more than that on a non-dress shoe.) The clerk under-sold the shoe. She said they were designed specifically for walking and correcting your posture, but they didn’t sell that well, and they were moving them out. They had one left in size 10 (my size). I put them on and noticed I’m at least an inch taller. So I got them LOL. Within two weeks my back problems were completely gone, and I have not seen a chiropractor since. I’m 45. The MBT shoes were my “solution.”

My visualizations then focused on three 45 lb plates and one 35 pound plate aside (395). With a little over a month to my birthday, I had that lift at two reps with a minor assistance on the second rep. With twenty days to go, I was so close to 405. I needed some help to get it. I thought the spotter might have jumped in too quickly. I didn’t go to the gym until my birthday so my muscles would be fully rested. 

I visualized lifting four 45lb plates a side. [Weightlifting bars are either 45 or 50 lbs. I didn’t weigh it, so my lift could have been 410 lbs.)  I did 405 lbs completely on my own, on my birthday, at 8:15 pm; no belt or lifting shirt, and I got the second rep with some assistance from my best friend. My goal was one rep. To be honest, I’d be okay if I didn’t get 405 on my 40th. I knew I would have it very soon. From the beginning, I knew the system based approach would create progress. The biggest point here though was allowing myself to feel gratified after meeting my goals every day.

But, it was sweet to get it on my 40th birthday. I was in bed by 9 pm as happy as can be.[That Friday is when I celebrated my 40th with friends.]


System based
40 with the dark tan. A couple of months after the 405 bench. Leaning out. I looked better than I did ten years prior.







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