How the Law of Attractions Works Part 1

This may be the best blog entry on how to do the law of attraction you have ever read.

How to Get in and Stay in Alignment

I  am not going to blog about action plans here. I am just going to write about energy and how the law of attraction works. Get your energy right and inspired actions will follow.

How the law of attraction works...

Everything in the universe is a vibration and similar vibrations are attracted to each other. The universe is also information. Your thoughts are information and the vibration of your thoughts indicated by how the thoughts feel. The higher the vibration the thought produces, the better you will feel.

The Law of Attraction is the proposition that positive thoughts are magnets for positive life experiences and negative thoughts are magnets for negative life experiences. Based on the law of attraction, if you have a specific desire and focus joyfully on that desire, it will be fulfilled.

That is not to suggest you don't have to put in some action to realize the completion of your manifestation. But if you do it right, it won't feel like work.

Some people say “God.” For this piece, I am going to use the term Source, as in the source energy of all. I conceptualize Source as a verb more than a noun. The vibration of source energy feels like cozy well-being when everything is perfect. It’s unconditional love. You don't have a care in the world and you are in the arms of the love of your life. Time feels as though it is standing still. In that moment everything you could possibly want, you have now. That is the standing operational level of vibration that Source energy runs on. To best connect with Source energy, you need to send the details of your desire while experiencing a vibration that can resonate with the vibration of Source. The better you feel, the closer your vibration is to source energy.

When you are experiencing a high vibration, your connection to that powerful, creative source energy is stronger than if you were feeling bad. Bad feeling thoughts create a weak connection thus slowing the manifestation process or even reversing it depending on what thoughts you are having.

When you think about what you desire and feel the expected good feelings that would accompany the realization of that desire, you are sending out instructions to the universe to co-create this manifestation with you. The better you feel when thinking about the wish the stronger your connection is with source energy. The better your connection to source, the more creative energy you are connecting with to advance your energetic creation (imagined) into the physical 3D plane we exist in.

In short, the better you feel when thinking about your wish, the more creative juice is being used to make it happen. If you feel bad when you think about your desire, you are turning off the juice. If you start worrying about your current circumstances or doubt the manifestation will happen, then you attracting back to you what you are worried about. The energy follows your attention. The consolation is poor vibrational feelings do not manifest anything quickly. Still, you are not attracting what you want and will experience more of the same. It is like you are trying to sail somewhere nice but you keep dropping the anchor in the water.

Source is literal. The words you use matter.

What you want to do is be tuned in, tapped in, and turned on while you are consciously manifesting.


But, before we go there....

A Few Keys: 

  • You must know not believe, hope, or wish. "Want" is a killer. "Want" will leave you wanting.
  • I am not I will.
  • You are not going to create anything positive from a "poor me" attitude.
  • The energy work does some incredible things. However, you are not going to think something into existence.
  • Because you know you have the completed manifestation, be grateful now.
  • It is important to bring joy into your manifestation process. It will keep you connected with the flow of source energy.
  • Physically go after it and pay attention to your intuition.
  • Know it. Express Gratitude. Keep it fun. Go get it.

Tuned In

First, get clear on what it is that you do want. Take some time with this and be sure it is what you want. Really think about it and write it down. Honesty and authenticity are key. After all, if you are going to create something make sure it is something that you want. Not something solely for the purpose of impressing others. Trying to be someone you are not just to look good will not lead to fulfillment. At best it results in only a fleeting satisfaction.

This is where imagination comes in. It doesn't matter if you have a vivid imagination or not. Because, the key here is feeling. Your emotions reflect the quality of the vibration you are sending out to the universe. Good vibrations are someone who is very charming, persuasive and inspiring. Bad vibration is like someone who is somber and demotivating; a real downer.

Think about how you talk to your dog. You know how you get really excited and then the dog gets really excited? "You are such a good girl. You're a good girl. Who is a good girl? You're a good girl!" You may say this while you are patting her vigorously. The dog may not know what you want her to do, yet, but, she sure is primed and ready. Think of that as the vibration between you and your dog. The vibration is the energetic carrier for the instruction. It is in a sense a message of instruction itself: Do X enthusiastically for me. I really want this to happen and as soon as possible. You are going to match the energy I send out so I am sending out a highly enthused and excited energy. 

Side note: The Beach Boys song, "Good Vibrations" was inspired by how a dog can sense good or bad in people. Brian Wilson just applied it to people when he wrote the song.

♪ I'm pickin' up good vibrations. She's giving me excitations ♬

If you were really down and had low enthusiasm, you might still get your dog to get your slippers, but, how much faster would that happen if you really up the quality of the vibration (excitement) between you and her?

But, if you set your intentions for a real manifestation and then keep worrying about it - you are killing the vibe. The creative energy matches where your focus Is going. In this case, an experience is being manifested in which you are not getting what you are wishing for. So, keep that in mind. Now, through hard work and despite your energetic lead ball you have attached to your leg, you may still accomplish what you want. But, why do it that way when you can get the wind to push your sail in the right direction? When you do it right, the energy isn't just like having the wind in your back, the energy also helps clear a path.

Okay so back to where the dog analogy works....

You have your dog really excited but she may not know what to do. Now with your dog, you just tell her. This is assuming this is something the dog understands. "You want to fetch the ball?! You wanna fetch the ball?! Here it is! Go get it girl go get it!! Fetch the ball for daddy!"

With the universe you can say it, write it, draw it, sing it, imagine it... there are a lot of ways to attach the instructions to the good vibration.

Now, I mean this is the most respectful and fun way: You want to manifest like the universe is your bitch.  You want to make the universe your bitch by sending your message in the happiest, playful, enthused, excited way you can. A great way to do that is by imagining it, like a daydream, and loving the experience as though it were happening now. You conjure enthusiasm and obvious delight. That gets you tuned in.

Tapped In

"Tapped in" to me means maintaining that good vibe every time you think about your manifestation. Sometimes you may get really down. You don't understand why things are happening the way they are if this thing you want is to be manifested. The effect is that you doubt and weaken the vibe the instructions and being conveyed through. Think of the vibration controlling the tap through which a sprinkler is watering the seed of your manifestation. As it starts to grow, healthy vibrations (good feeling thoughts) are watering that seed just fine. But, maybe you can not see anything happening yet to your satisfaction and wonder it is going to happen at all. You get a little down. Doubt is turning the tap to a lower flow of water and eventually may turn it off. Really negative, low vibrations like depression or acting like you know it isn't going to work is like stepping on the hose. Let go of how it comes to you and continue to work and do your energy work.

You may better off to walk away through a distraction or give up and wipe your hands off the whole manifestation, because, at least you are not doing any more harm. By moving from negative vibration to a neutral one you are actually improving things. A similar route you can take is handing it over to the universe (universal manager technique). If you keep fretting over whether it is going to happen or not, you can ask the universe to handle it. Stay open to the possibility but, for now, don't think about it. Your energy will be soothed. And when the time is right, you may be inspired to take certain actions and soon regain your confidence and enthusiasm.

Another tip for managing your vibration regarding the manifestation is to learn to catch yourself as soon as doubt creeps in. Then ask yourself three questions: What? Why? How?

1. What do you want? Get your mind away from failure and back to the desire. Energy flows to where your attention goes.

2. Why do you want it? This takes a bit more thought but assuming you want it for good feeling reasons this will start to sooth your feeling and improve your vibration. And it gets you in a good place to answer the most important question properly.

3. How would it feel if your desire was completely manifested right now at this very moment?

This process can quickly get you back on track. And the more you practice it the easier it is to do. This will be like training. You need to practice so this becomes second nature. It keeps you tapped into the "vortex" as some describe it. The vortex just refers an energetic escrow where your desired manifestations exist in the energetic plane.  Your job is alignment with your vortex. This simplest way to do that is faith, feeling good, and inspired actions where necessary.

Turned On

I think it is a great idea to not just imagine good things and the good feeling they produce. Reliving your memories of prior successes that created high vibrational emotions is a super way to shift your energy and the experience gives you something to draw upon for when you imagine the manifestation as complete.

Ester Hicks has a process called a grid. What you basically do is write down the emotions you know you would experience after the manifestation is complete. Let's say there are four to six emotions you know you would feel. You then take each emotion and write down three experiences from the past in which you felt that emotion. This will give you an authentic realignment with the emotions. It is sometimes easier to relive an emotion than to imagine it.

I would take the relived emotion and use it when thinking or fantasizing about the manifestation I am creating presently. Actors do something similar. Mickey Rourke during one of his movies would think back to when his beloved dog died use that emotion for a scene. Do you want to feel powerful? Remember a time when you had incredible sex and your partner loved it. Heck, with sex it is probably easy to fantasize about being amazing, maybe even beyond your experiences and then use that energy to feel powerful, or happy, or excited when visualizing your goal. Relive, embellish if necessary, and then take that emotion immediately to a visualization of your desire as if you had it now.

I have seen Tony Robbins get audience members to relive sex a peak sexual experience - including the sounds she would make to completely shift their vibration to an empowered state. He'd ask, "How do you feel now?" She responded, "incredible." He then asked, "How do you feel about taking this empowered state you are in now and tackling your concerns? Do, they feel as big as they did before?" She responded that they almost seemed tiny. I have seen him do this with people who were suicidal. So, reliving empowering experiences will shift your vibration to a higher gear. And, another neat thing is when you are in that space it is easier to remember other great experiences.

Improving and maintaining your general sense of well-being, even when you are not. Thinking about your desire, adds more drawing power to experiences that will match your improved overall outlook. It makes it easier to think good thoughts about what you are trying to manifest. Compare it to athletes who stay in great shape during the offseason. It just makes things easier when they need to be on. The gap is smaller. If you are in a good mood as the rule and not the exception, it is easier to imagine manifestations becoming a reality.

How the law of attraction works
How the Law of Attraction Works


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