Natural Wealth

Money is not wealth. You have been indoctrinated to accept that a piece of paper is wealth. Its power lies solely in the indoctrination. In fact, your thoughts and feelings around money can block your wealth.  If you are presently without money and believe you will not have money then you need to shift your beliefs and focus. First, focus on things that do not cost you anything. Go out into the world and see what is free. There is an abundance of things you can enjoy. Acknowledge this abundance in your life. This is where you start to reframe your lack-mindset to an abundance mindset. And you do it by recognizing truth. There is abundance all around you. Money is not the abundance. Money is neutral. It’s not good and it is not bad. Money is an intervening factor.

It has been proven that those who live for money, status, and possessions are not as happy as those you are involved in a community and contribute to the greater good. The latter has a wealth of happiness and fulfillment. The former is lacking in that area.  Collaboration is natural. Giving is natural. Too many focus on competition and they often have a lack mindset. There is plenty for all of us and we are naturally happier to be in service to others.

Go out into nature and you will see the animals are supported by nature. True, in the cycle of life, nature will take some lives early but there is a balance and it remains undeniable that nature supports all life. Wealth and abundance is everywhere and takes many forms in nature. Wealth is natural.

Humans, however, seem to have largely disconnected from what is natural and became indoctrinated in the symbols they have created.

In the human world, something unnatural occurs. There is a great disparity. While some have accumulated massive possessions, many struggle. And too many are completely without material goods. We have been conditioned over many years to separate from our natural power. Too many of us have bought into symbols of power at the expense of realizing our true creative capabilities. We all have the ability to flourish. But we have unnatural thoughts and are telling unnatural stories that have kept many of us in the dark.

For those struggling and fearful that the rug is about to be pulled out from underneath you, I encourage you to go out in nature and reconnect to its splendor and abundance. You can experience heightened joy for free. Be present in your walks and feel your steps. This will ground you in your present experience and give your mind a rest. This will also reframe your experience towards an abundance mindset.

If you don’t have a computer go to the library. Not having a computer regularly at your convenience is not so bad. The more time you spend away from the electronics the more you become grounded and the more resistant you become to the influence of others. Stepping away from electronics enables you to listen to your own guidance and to trust yourself. You become more decisive; more self-directed. You reconnect to natural guidance.

If you have no money go out and see what is free and you start to realize there is always an abundance to be had. Maybe a friend takes you out for coffee. That certainly counts. Be grateful for the abundance in your life. Don’t let outsiders take your truthful reframe away from you based on their unnatural beliefs. You are re-centering yourself. You do not need to accept any more garbage.

Good conversations, walk in a park or beach, meditation, reading in the library, making art out of recycled materials, sex with your partner, playing with your children – all free and all fantastic.

Your indoctrination may then intervene and say that is not fun (though it clearly is) and lead you back to thinking a fancy car is necessary or some other costly item or activity. Follow through anyway and see it for yourself. Otherwise, you will become separated from your power again. It is simple to do and it's effective. Start with what is readily available to you. You need to reconnect to the belief that you are abundant right now.

What your abundance consists of is based on your beliefs. If your belief is that you are not abundant because you don’t have symbols of abundance then you will never believe in your ability to create. I want you to believe in your abundance. I want you to create a happy and fulfilling life. What you are currently experiencing can allow you to clearly see what truly matters to you.

Acknowledge and be grateful for all the abundance around you. People born into an abundance of the symbols of wealth may not have to opportunity for the wisdom you are about to gain by understanding what true wealth is and where it comes from. So, you can even be grateful for the opportunity your life path has afforded you. You can gain wisdom from the understanding that your thoughts have brought you to your present circumstances and therefore can lead you to a different set of circumstances.

The reason why it is so important to acknowledge, express gratitude, and revel in your abundance, regardless of how you previously perceived your circumstances, is because your beliefs are where abundance comes from. Abundance does not come from money. It comes from your beliefs. Your beliefs are where money and wealth come from – or pushes it away.

My beautiful son

When you start to realize that there is abundance all around you and you see that the sun shines on all of us evenly you start to recognize some of the unloving thoughts you have accumulated as a result of your indoctrination. Old resentments you have towards others and insecurities you have about yourself seem petty and small. You may have held onto grudges and self-hatred for not being where you hoped to be in a financial sense. You may be envious. These are all false. And you need to let them go for they are holding back.


You are naturally abundant. You have the power to determine what that abundance looks like. Wake up and consciously create the abundance you wish to experience. Here’s a pointer: the number one factor in a happy life is the quality of your relationships. All these symbols people have bought into are attempts at happiness. I would not lose focus on great friendships for the sake of material possessions. Wealth is readily available to you. What it looks like is up to you.

What do you think?

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