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Greater Emotional Resiliency

Resiliency is the ability to return to original form. We humans tend to think first and then feel our emotions. Look, this is what many of the law of attraction gurus say we should do. But there are times when we should something a little different. More often than not…

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LOA Hack

LOA Hack Stuck? Try focusing on purpose and fascination. When your focus is on the purpose of what fascinates you, your mind is not preoccupied with the progress of the desire. That is key. And that is why I call it an LOA hack. When you continuously evaluate your success,…

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How to Balance Ego and Authenticity

“As long as you develop in a manner that is congruent with what truly matters to you, and you continue towards satisfying those needs, you will be able to play the ego’s game, when necessary, without writing off your soul in the process.”

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East of Hedone: Tranformation through Authentic Desire

“When the want to change comes from within it represents a change in the heart energy. This kind of change resembles transformation. Change motivated by moral obligation, or fear, may not necessarily represent true core change. This kind of change could potentially be fleeting and difficult to keep up.”

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