how law of attraction works

How the Law of Attractions Works Part 1

This may be the best blog entry on how to do the law of attraction you have ever read. How to Get in and Stay in Alignment I  am not going to blog about action plans here. I am just going to write about energy and how the law of… Continue Reading
Law of Attraction and Sales

Law of Attraction and Sales

Get excited about making money and get exciting for building great business relationships! However, consider the following: “He can sell ice to an Eskimo.” Do you really want to be that guy? Why would an Inuit person want to buy ice? How is selling people something they apparently don’t need… Continue Reading
law of attraction basics

Law of Attraction Basics

Law of Attraction Basics As you are choosing your thoughts, your emotions are guiding you. Is what you are thinking congruent with your inner self? Are you thinking about what you lack or are you thinking about what you are wish to gain? Your inner self guides you towards growth. And,… Continue Reading
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