The Body You Desire; Negative Thoughts + Positive Thoughts = Success

[Update  I have heard good things about intermittent fasting. I will address that at a later time..]

 “If negative thoughts are making you angry and that anger drives you to take positive action than you have a situation where negative thoughts work. Do not deny those thoughts. Exploit them to your advantage. It’s a call to action. Take that rocket fuel and steer yourself to productive action.” ~ Robert J Barnes


Multi-Prong Weight loss Method

law of attraction weight lossUnfortunately, you do not simply wish the weight away. However, setting an intention and daily visualization helps. Most effective way to kick-start the method is to exploit the human psyche. Use negative feelings to spark motivation for change. If negative thoughts are making you angry and that anger drives you to take positive action than you have a situation where negative thoughts work. Do not deny those thoughts. Exploit them to your advantage. It’s a call to action. Take that rocket fuel and steer yourself to productive action.

Then, once the ball is rolling, use positivity to inspire change and keep the momentum. Studies show that those who are unhappy with their physical appearance are more likely to lose weight. So, why not take advantage of that? Do not deny those feelings. Screw all that “fat acceptance” stuff. If you want to make a change do what works. Having conflicting feelings only gets in the way. The science is in. Use those negative feelings to your advantage. Then, use the law of attraction weight loss processes to inspire continued progress. Let the negativity light a fire under your ass and conjure positivity for achieving your goal to keep you going. This will be different from anything you have read before.

Some quick points:
95% of your body shape is due to what you eat and NOT exercise.
* The great myth is that we need intense exercise to craft our bodies. But do exercise as it will speed things up.
* Intense exercise is not smart. You need exercise but explore minimal effective dose programs instead.
* There is no such thing as a daily recommended diet. Human beings evolved to eat different foods in different seasons. By looking at evolution you can ‘hack’ your fat burning.
* Pills or supplements other than shakes are over-rated.
* Calories are BS. Your body, as JJ Virgin says, is a chemistry lab. It’s about what foods you mix.
* You can retrain your brain to like and dislike certain foods. The real secret is re-training your brain.
* Advertising and media train us to crave foods that are poisonous to the human system.
* By eating right you can actually SAVE money.
* Intermittent fasting does work. That means consuming all your calories within a few hours of the day and consuming water, tea or coffee at other parts of the day. You don’t have to do that. However, people have had success with that.
* Do not consume coffee late in the day because it will mess with your sleep pattern.

I want to start off by saying that Source, the ultimate authority, loves you completely and unconditionally; just as you are, and without equivocation. So, you can too. However, I must caution against total unconditionality regarding your appearance if you want to make changes.  Because to lose weight successfully, you need to exploit the human psyche – not undermine it.

law of attraction weight lossGod loves you just as you are and so does your dog. But, God is better than any of us can be and your dog loves whoever gives him food, pets, walks, and treats. In fact, food alone would probably do it in most cases. YOU, however, may not love your body. That can be a good thing. You may feel a little shame. Good. You may feel self-conscious. Good. You may be worried about others shaming you. Believe it or not, good. You may be going through a change in life such as going to a new school, city, job, etc. and are worried that new people will judge you for being fat. Good. You may hate being fat and you may hate yourself for allowing yourself to become and stay fat. Good. Maybe you hate being fat all your life. Good.

So, why is all that self-doubt and self-loathing good? Science, that’s why.  Firstly, if people feel shitty about themselves, they’re more likely to change. A “desire to improve self-worth”, according to a landmark study conducted in 2014, is the biggest motivating force for change. So, if you want to lose weight, you must drop the fat acceptance movement’s motto of simply loving your fat self.  That is the worst message for anyone who wishes to become slimmer and healthier.

law of attraction weight lossThe same study found that obese people were more likely to lose weight around “life transitions,” like starting high school. In other words, people start to worry about how others will see them, especially when they need to make a good first impression. Fear of social judgment is key. So keep judging yourself. If others judge you, do not collapse – use it. The God’s honest truth is that fat-shaming, as rude as it is, can help you lose weight.

Another harsh reality, that can be flipped to serve you, is that people change their health and dietary habits to mimic that of their friends and loved ones, especially if they spend lots of time around them. Peer pressure encourages people to look like the people they admire and whose company they enjoy. So, you may wish to change who you spend your time with. Or, at the very least, spend more time with fit people.

law of attraction weight lossAnd, don’t wimp out if you feel somewhat judged by comments or looks you experience when you hang around those who are fit. That comes naturally. According to the University of British Columbia in 2007, fat people trigger feelings of disgust and nausea in those who are healthy and fit. It’s an evolutionary response to unhealthy looking people who are instinctually seen as threats to human health. Don’t retreat behind the thought that it is their problem. Because, if you want to make a change, it is your problem. You must own it.

Conversely, just being around attractive women raises a man’s testosterone. The same is also true for women who gaze at attractive men. We know that testosterone is health promoting, energizing, and generally good. So, it is beneficial to hang around attractive people because they can inspire you to get yourself in shape in order to get a piece of ass. Or, let us just say boosting your testosterone can get you in the mood to work out.

Yes, that was harsh and it was surrounded by pictures of attractive people, on purpose. It’s harsh but true. So use it to serve you. It is now known that your negative feelings about your body can help you to make the change you wish to change. We know this to be a fact. Don’t fight it. Use it.

Okay, so I’m going to reign in the harsh reality talk for a moment. Let’s get a little more big picture. First some inspiration.

TransformationIncredible transformation!

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The law of attraction weight lossAccording to the extraordinary work of Michael Newton, (and many others) who has thousands of documented, and in many cases, verified past life regressions, we chose the major themes that we experience in our lives for the development of our soul and others. So, to choose to live your life as an overweight person in a society that makes billions from making people feel inadequate about their weight is typically the choice of an advanced soul. You are helping yourself, and others, see what is important about a person and what is not. But, here is the key for weight loss: an advanced soul, like yours, has the right stuff for transformation. Remember that! Be strong in who you are and know you can make this change. Society may have knocked you down, but you have access to an infinite resource of power: the Source of all. So dust yourself off. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Stop doubting yourself. Get angry if need be. But, most importantly, get moving. Start making the right choices. Get a plan together.

How do you feel when you are eating some junk food? Take note of this feeling for this is why you are doing it. It is also important to consider how you feel before you eat the food. How you feel before is your trigger and how you feel after you start is your temporary payoff. From that, you can find what it is you want and what it is you lack. What you lack is determined by how you feel before you eat and what you desire is what you hope to feel after you eat. There are healthier routines available to improve your mood.

law of attraction weight lossWhatever you find that soothes you at the bottom of a bag of chips or the satisfaction that is gained by over-eating, it is only temporary because the underlying issues remain. There is a better way to create a sense of well-being for yourself than these fleeting, albeit quick, fixes. The consumption of the guilty pleasure is your current routine. What else can you do that will give you the same payoff? Because the food is not the only answer and, yes, there may be some deeper issues but unless you want to spend years in therapy, I suggest you simply develop a healthier way to cope than eating in an unhealthy way. In other words, create a healthier new habit that provides the same pay-off as junk food. Understand that the junk food, because of the contents, will produce a quick fix. And, your replacement will most likely not, but it can be something that improves your overall sense of well-being so that you don’t need a quick fix. The idea is to merge these actions regularly into your day. What activity provides you with a sense of well-being? Is it sex? What about playing solitaire? Reading a chapter or two of a great book might do the trick. Is it hiking? Is it playing golf? Is it playing an instrument? Is it engaging in a great conversation? Call a friend. Maybe it is yoga, or something new. What about mediation or joining a meditation group? A quick breathing exercise can be satisfying. Visualizations or pleasant daydreams can be satisfying. These sources of joy and fulfillment will help off-set the issues associated with emotional eating. You can find pleasure in healthy food by noting how it makes you feel throughout the day.

These new healthy actions should become part of your routine, and, like responsible eating, do not wait until you feel like you need a fix. If you choose meditation to soothe your emotions don’t wait until you need it. Make it a part of your regular rhythm. Meditate twice a day, regularly. It is about maintaining an overall sense of well-being.

By managing your well-being, you reduce your triggers. Regularly doing these activities will create habits. Once a habit is formed, willpower is no longer required. They will become second nature and then so will your sense of well-being.

Start building healthy habits so that these habits, like bricks, can be stacked together to create something greater.

I also want to get this out right away: diets where you severely restrict food intake typically do not work in the long-term. The reason that many fail is because they end up starving an already malnourished body. It is better to change what the calories you consume consist of. First, eat clean. When you eat clean you will naturally cut your calories. I’ll get to that later.

From an energetic perspective, change flows easier when you start at a place of peace and acceptance. All I mean by this is do not be in denial. Do you hate your body? Fine. You still need to accept where your body is at. Accept your feelings about. It’s okay to feel that way. “I’m 50 pounds overweight and I hate it. But, I honestly acknowledge the truth. I accept my feelings about my body. I will use my feelings to motivate change.” Acceptance is the first part. You must also put some time every day focusing on what you want your body to be like.

Law of Attraction Weight lossPushing against what is, is a form of resistance. In a sense, you are holding on to what is by denying reality. Or, you hold on to what is by only loathing your current condition instead of using that bad feeling to motivate change. Fully and honestly accepting the truth about your body and exploiting how it makes you feel is proven to be the best way to make a positive change, period. That is what the studies show. So, be smart and use those feelings.

I don’t care what other LOA coaches tell you. I coach what works and in this case, personal pain is what will light the fire. It may be negative but flip that on its head and use it to your advantage. Anger is better than being wishy-washy. Pain will push you. Then, as you use the LOA practices, inspiration will pull you toward your desired outcome and your vibration will pull the desired outcome to you. Soon the practice will become second nature.

Now we can bring in the law of attraction weight loss ideas: 

law of attraction weight lossEmbracing your pain to kick-start your weight loss starts the momentum. Maintaining the momentum will involve daily visualizations on what you want your body to look like and imagining that you have it already. Feel all the emotions of being fit. That is the vibration you will send out to the Universe and that will attract back to you what you need to help you. What that looks like will depend on the situation. Will you meet a friend who is determined and losing weight? Will something you see or hear about suddenly spark an interest in hiking. You read an article on an HCG diet that worked and that person kept the weight off – you decide I think I can do that. Maybe an idea comes to you where you decide to follow people who have lost weight and kept it off. Maybe, you catch a documentary on the food industry and it compels you to become Vegan. Maybe by the simple act of the daily visualization, the Universe shifts your energy. You start to think of yourself as a fit person wearing a fat costume and now you simply have to live as a fit person would and the pounds will shed off. Keep sending out that signal and things will happen that will help.

Momentum will by replaced by inspiration through implementing habits to facilitate a sense of well-being, employing nutrient a dense diet, maintaining your alignment to source energy, concentration on your goals, and imagining your goal as though it has already occurred.


Start your day with a visualization of the goal. Imagine how good that would feel during your visualization. With your expectation set – let it be. Do not obsess on it. You step back and allow for it to happen. Keep your focus is on the process. Have faith in the journey and the goal will take care of itself. 

The right habits, by maintaining a general sense of well-being, are also allowing source energy to come through you. That’s perfectly attracting a new body. Remember, at the end of the day, everything is energy. Alignment has occurred when thoughts, feelings, words, spirit, and action are congruent. Things flow with a natural ease. Like they are floating downstream.


aw of attraction weight loss
Your goal is up to you and only you.

The idea is to get your body, mind, and soul working together for the same goal.


It is important not to count yourself out with the limiting belief that your genetics will not allow you to have a healthy body. Keep in mind that thoughts create a vibration that attracts its match, and a belief is a collection of long-standing thoughts. The concern here is that, on an energetic level, you are putting out a vibration that is more conducive to maintaining the status quo than making the desired change. Doing so is like shooting yourself in the foot before you start a race. Have you done this before? Can you see how that limiting belief is like chaining a big lead ball to one of your legs? Doesn’t that seem like a momentum killer?

Why bother if you don’t believe you can succeed, right? This energy, doubt, simply attracts reasons for more doubt.

LOA coach

You define your success. You might want to drop 25 pounds for the rest of your life. That may not result in a swimsuit model’s physique but it is your journey. The ultra-thin body of some celebrities may not be for you.

As mentioned earlier, set your intention through a visualization and then put your attention on the process. Enjoy being healthier. The goal will take care of itself.

It is a wonderful opportunity for growth and understanding to occur. You should never feel forced to make this change out of shame or fear. You make this kind of change by being inspired by something you believe to be better. Your journey will be more enjoyable.

No matter how many negative thoughts you had about yourself or how many times you had counted yourself out before you started, let all that junk go. Drop the self-defeating attitude. Use the negative thoughts to charge you. Get mad. That’s fine. At the same time don’t forget to give yourself permission to be happy. When you think about your body, know it is ready for a change. Know it wants that. Work with your body and it will work with you. Get your body, mind, and soul on the same page. Be at peace with your body and become excited for the journey ahead.


Source, the ultimate authority, loves you completely and unconditionally; just as you are, and without equivocation. So, you can too. However, I must caution against total unconditionality if you want to make changes. Because, to lose weight successfully you need to exploit the human psyche, not undermine it.

Robert J Barnes

law of attraction weight lossProperly managing your thoughts and feelings to create a greater sense of well-being lubricates the wheels of personal growth.

Take the attitude of: “Okay this is me for now. I don’t like it but it is okay that I don’t like it. It is time for something better. I am honest with myself. I am at peace with the truth. I am starting my journey here and I am enthused to see how this plays out. This is a good experience for me. I am stronger now that I am taking action. I will experience fulfillment by continuing to progress to that goal. This is awesome.”

This process of becoming is fun. Look in the mirror and see source shining back at you. Look in the mirror and see someone in the state of evolving. If you are ready to do this then you can move forward and use the Law of Attraction.

I want you to keep this in mind: your body wants food for nutrition and is not well equipped to handle the empty calories often found in processed food and especially junk food. So, what usually happens is that your body goes into fat storing mode even though you may be stuffing your face. You see, you remain hungry, or will become hungry soon again because your body is not getting the nutrients it needs. Think about that. You are eating high calories and yet your body feels it needs to go into fat storing mode. It’s a perfect storm for fat gain.

Law of Attraction Weight lossWith that said, if a craving keeps gnawing at you, I want you to indulge yourself with just a tiny hint of guilt. I’d say no guilt but that makes it too easy to mess up your next meal and start procrastinating. Mostly, you need to know its part of the process and, overall, be okay with it. I just don’t want you to be hard on yourself – that’s counter-productive in the long run. It’s okay to slip up – not perfect – but okay. We all slip-up. Life is about how you respond. You are in this for the long haul and I guarantee that as long as you keep getting back on the horse those cravings will drop off – almost completely. You will be healthy, which, for many, is the ultimate goal. So, with that in mind, we could say indulging is part of a successful weight loss method as long as you are only doing so when the craving is becoming a distraction and threatening your long-continued success. Consider it like a steam valve. It only comes into play when the pressure needs to be relieved. When you think about cravings this way, you can learn to deal with them appropriately, and not feel guilty about it. I want you to feel good, not bad. And don’t forget that there are other ways to deal with the pressure than indulging. But, if you do indulge so be it. Be okay with it and then let it go so you can move forward on your journey.

Trust the method, it will work. And the best part is that you are not required to go hungry ever. Just stay on top of it, and you will always feel that you have enough food. Do not allow yourself to go too long between meals. If it has been awhile since your last meal, eat a small healthy meal, or snack, whether you are hungry or not. There is no need to experience a deprivation.

I understand that the Paleo Diet is quite effective as well as the Gabriel Method. I suggest you do some research.

Now, here are some specific LOA techniques to help you out:

  1. Meditation/visualization: First, get a clear idea of what you want. the law of attraction weight loss This may include some short-term goals. Get into a relaxed state and see yourself in your new body. Imagine moving around with it. Admire yourself in the mirror. Feel the emotions of being in the body you wish to have. How great does it feel? Be sure to feel those emotions. 10 -15 minutes a day should do it. If you do it when you wake up and when you go to bed, even better. This can be used for the next short-term goal your long-term one.
  2. The 68-second process: Any time you need a quick boost to your mood or need inspiration for exercise, try this technique. Grab a watch, smart phone, or be close to the clock. For 68 straight seconds, say, preferably out loud, how great it is that you have the body you desire, as though you have it now and are trying to explain what it is like to someone else. Don’t stop talking. Be sure to include feeling statements. It takes 17 seconds of pure thought for an intent to be set into action. 68 seconds is 4 times that. This is powerful inner work that takes a little time and will boost your vibrational point of attraction tremendously. You will feel great and inspired.

Law of Attraction Weight lossAt the very least, being confident in yourself and the outcome, and, being able to enjoy the journey without stressing about where you currently are, helps. The power of belief is important. Remember, this is your journey and you can take the path at whatever speed you wish. The Universe doesn’t judge. It simply responds to your vibration. The truth of the matter is that when you imagine and feel what it is like to already have what you want, then, this desire cannot help but manifest in your life.

It’s up to you. Your end vision of success can only be determined by you. In fact, I suggest that your first visualizations be within the realm of what you can accept to be possible. When you reach that goal, and if you wish to continue, then imagine where you want to go next. It’s your journey and these Law of Attraction processes can help you get your boat sailing with a strong current and a wind at your back. If you feel some doubt, one of the simplest ways to get back to a better feeling place is to ask yourself the following three questions and reflect on the answers:

  1. What do you want?
  2. Why do you want it?
  3. How would it feel to have it? (And try your best to imagine that.)active-84646_640law of attraction weight loss


Now, here is a simple set of Guidelines: Rev Me Up

R. Reduce Sweets

E. Exercise – Do some kind of exercise every day

V. Vegetables – eat more – the more nutrient dense the better.

M. Meditation or visualization

E. Eat smaller portions but eat more portions.  You don’t have to count calories. Nutrient dense food is all you need to concern yourself with. Alternatively, consume your calories between 10 and 6 pm and never after that. The rest of the time you fast and drink water or tea. Coffee in the morning is fine. Both these approaches work. Determine what works best for you.

U. Understand that you may fall off the horse but that’s OK as long as you immediately get back on track with your next meal.

P. Planning – devise a plan and stick with it

law of attraction weight lossThe point of inner work, is to build and maintain momentum. You want to feel that energetic flow and stay connected. The physical tips, combined with the Law of Attraction exercises, can get you into that energetic flow and help keep you there. Some call it the “Vortex” –  a state of being where you can feel things are going your way. That feeling keeps you going.





More in depth . . .

Okay, I am not a weight loss expert but I have put together some things I believe can help.


Suggestions and Guidelines

  1. Get started. Any small step in the right direction will start to build momentum.
  2. Be sure to include regular activities that offer a sense of well-being.
  3. Eat healthily and take daily multivitamins.
  4. Exercise every day. When you check out the people who have lost an incredible amount of weight in a seemingly impossible timeframe, they say the same thing: they exercised every day. Some days were more intense than others but they did something every day. Even a walk around the block counts. Although I would suggest that you include more intense activities throughout the week as well. To keep it fun you may need to mix things up.
  5. Be consistent with the first three. If you slip up, don’t panic. Just get back on the horse and continue. It is counter productive to get upset with yourself.
  6. Eat more vegetables. If you need that full sensation – use vegetables and some fruit.
  7. Drink more water. Try 3 liters a day. You may have to build up to that.
  8. Get a Juicer to up your energy. Compared to coffee, juicing produces a more even energy i.e. no jitters or a sudden drop-off.
  9. Eat clean, real food and know that your palate will adjust. Stay away from processed food, it is not as nutrient dense and does not digest as well whole foods.
  10. It is better to eat smaller portions of food in a higher number of meals. Doing so will speed up your metabolism, and you may consume more calories, but that’s okay because your body will burn through it faster. It is best if you never go hungry.
  11. Supplements may help but are useless if you are not following the tips I am providing here.
  12. It’s better to cut out bad food than it is cut calories. The major key to this is eating nutrient dense food in every meal (e.g. spinach, broccoli, lean meat). You will find that your body gets more with fewer calories when you eat nutrient dense food. But as long you eat nutrient dense food there is no need to count calories. Educate yourself on that. Your palate adjusts surprisingly fast.
  13. Eat less total fat but keep in mind that it is better to eat healthy fats than to avoid all fat when trying to lose weight. You need some healthy fat for your heart and brain. Some examples are coconut oil, hempseed hearts and hempseed oil, avocados, bison meat, salmon, almonds, walnuts, and cashews.
  14. Cut carbs; meaning dramatically reduce sugars, white flour, grains whole wheat, and limit fruit and simple carbs consumption (e.g. 1 or 2 apples a day). Veggies over fruit. Sugar causes fat storage due to excess glucose being flooded into your system. The liver converts the excess glucose into fat that before in goes back into your blood system and stored as body fat.
  15. Manage your blood sugar to cut cravings.
    1. A healthy snack in between meals or in the evening when your willpower is not as strong.
    2. Combine the treat with a healthy food. Instead of just having chocolate, dip a banana in chocolate.
    3. Have nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and gum handy.
    4. Try cutting out all simple sugars for 3-4 days. After that, cravings will drop off considerably as your body adjusts. Some may wish to continue leaving simple sugars out of their diet altogether, forever.
  16. If you do have a craving for something sweet, try to satisfy it with a piece of fruit or a bit of dark chocolate, or take half a serving of that piece of the pie that you just can’t resist.
  17. Stock up on healthy snacks and stick to a moderate amount of alcohol if you must drink.
  18. Do not skimp on exercise during the holiday season.Stay on top of it. You are going to need to plan this out. Have a variety of healthy food and water available. It would be wise not to tempt yourself with an assortment of unhealthy food – but you don’t have to drop it completely. And be mindful of how much time has passed since your last meal.Now for some motivation…

With all of this said, find a program and stick to it. Make sure you do a little research and find something that feels compatible and then maintain your focus through the LOA processes in this blog that I have listed above.

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