Truth about Brutal Truths

Truth about Brutal Truths number one…
Nobody is actually too busy to respond to you.

Your boyfriend got the text. Don’t kid yourself. He just didn’t respond. Your buddy didn’t answer your call because he didn’t feel like it. Your potential client decided he didn’t feel like responding to your email. It’s not that he didn’t see it. The sooner you stop making excuses for the people who don’t make you a priority, the sooner you can move on to the people and situations that do.

Except, sometimes they are too busy. Or, maybe, you just need to mellow out a little; relax. Yes, in some cases it is best to move on. But, in other cases, especially casual ones, it may be better to roll with it. Some people will get back to you when they do— and it’s okay. You do you and let them be them. Those who get back to you quickly, you can reciprocate. And those who are more relaxed or seemingly indifferent? When the shoe is on the other foot, you deal with them exactly how you feel. Be genuine. Don’t delay simply because they do. Be you. And if you don’t feel like getting back to them immediately, don’t sweat it; they’re not.

Truth about Brutal Truths number two
Everyone has his or her best interests at heart.

No matter how genuine, kindhearted or caring a particular person is . . . .
Most people are going to take as much from you as you let them get away with – which means it’s up to you to define and uphold your boundaries.

Yes, boundaries are good. However, sometimes that other person’s best interest is you. Their actions are truly based on helping someone else and, perhaps, even then she may infringe upon your boundaries.  But with that understanding, you can be more sensitive when you “stick up for yourself.” Do you really want to say something that could end a friendship because you’re annoyed at the moment?

Truth about Brutal Truths number three…
You will never please everybody.
There will always be someone who’s offended. You’re going to be criticized no matter what you do, so you might as well do what you love. Because if there’s anyone whose judgment you should listen to, it’s your own.

However, humility is also important and sometimes a little humility can save you a lot of hurt down the road. The art is to find the balance in being true to yourself and being kind to others. Plus, never be too proud to take some advice no matter where it is from.

Truth about Brutal Truths number four
Your actions define you, not your thoughts.

You can sit indoors all day conceptualizing a better world, but until you get out there and start implementing change, you’re not actually making a difference.

This is good advice. With that acknowledgment, I should point out thoughts, of course, matter. Your thoughts and feelings are the cause of your actions and your thoughts and feelings can sustain good work or derail it.

What do you think?

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